Why Colour Cleaning Matters

A carpet loses 3% of its colour every year. With untrained carpet cleaners using high alkalinity cleaners during cleaning this can be even higher. Kleenright are the only cleaners in Liverpool who have a team of highly trained colourists who can restore the lost colour to your carpets and rugs to keep them looking like new. We achieve this by adding the lost colours to our cleaning solutions when cleaning your carpets and rugs.

 How about a complete colour change?

We were asked by the owner of this carpet whether we could match his light coloured carpet to this brown colour.


We were given some samples of carpets so we could show him








Can you fix sun fade?

Yes, we can fix sun fade. No carpet, rug, or upholstery should be spoiled due to the loss of colour through sun fade.

Can you fix bleach stains?

A bleach spot is exactly that a spot. The colour has been removed from the carpet by the bleach the only way this can be fixed is to have the spot re-coloured by a professional colourist.

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