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Healthy Home Test

Is your home putting your health at risk? Take this Government test to find out...

score 1(a)2(b)3(c)4(d)

1. How often do you clean your home?


a) A little every day.

b) Once a week.

c) Once a month.

d) When the place looks a tip.


2. How often do you vacuum?


a) Every day.

b) Once a week.

c) When I'm expecting guests

d) I don't have a vacuum cleaner.


3. When do you wash the dishes?


a) After every meal.

b) At the end of the day.

c) When the sink is full of dirty plates.

d) When there's no clean crockery left.


4. How often do you wash the tea towel?


a) Daily.

b) Weekly

c) Monthly

d) Annually.


5. When do you replace the kitchen sponge or cloth?


a) Once a week.

b) Once every two weeks.

c) Once a month.

d) When it starts to fall apart.


6. How clean is your bathroom?


a) So clean, I could eat my dinner in there.

b) I mop and give it a good clean once a week.

c) I clean it once a month and squirt bleach down the loo now and again.

d) I never clean the bathroom


7. How often do you clean your toilet?


a) I get down on all fours and scrub it once a week.

b) I squirt bleach down and scrub it once a month.

c) I give it a quick scrub once every few months.

d) I never clean the toilet.


8. How often do you change the bedsheets?


a) Once a week.

b) Once a fortnight

c) Once a month.

d) When there are obvious stains.


9. How often do you dust your home?


a) Once a week.

b) Every fortnight.

c) When the dust becomes obvious.

d) Never


10. Do you have pets?


a) No.

b) Yes, I do, but they are not allowed in my bedroom and I vacuum regularly.

c) Yes, I do, and they sleep with me.


HOW TO SCORE: 1(a) 2(b) 3(c) 4(d)



30 or more


Your home could be a health hazard. It’s quite likely an army of harmful germs have invaded and colonised your home. You and your family could be at risk of picking up a nasty infection from bacteria, viruses or fungi that have taken up residence. You need to act quickly if you want to stay healthy. Focus your attention on the germ hotspots: cleaning cloths, the chopping board, the kitchen sink, the toilet, the bath and basin, and the dustbin.


20 to 29


Your heart just isn’t in it. The fight against infectious diseases such as MRSA and E. coli starts at home. You need to focus on targeting germ hotspots such as kitchen cleaning cloths to break the chain of cross-contamination, so you can reduce the risk of transmitting infections. Do a little cleaning every day, to keep on top of the chores and cut your risk of infection.


10 to 20


You've got the right idea. Your home could look clean and tidy but are you doing enough to keep the germs at bay? Bacteria, viruses and fungi carry disease and only targeted hygiene will protect you from infection. Targeted hygiene means getting rid of as many germs as possible, where and when there’s a risk of them spreading and causing infection.


Less than 10


Well done, you're a hygiene highness. You’ve got high standards of cleanliness. Not only does your home look and feel clean and tidy, it is also hygienically clean. By doing a little cleaning everyday and focusing on the areas most at risk of harbouring germs, you're reducing your risk of picking up a nasty infection. Keep up the good work.


A Cleaner Home is a Healthier Home. A Healthier Home means a Healthier Lifestyle.


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